“Nothing Special,” received International distribution, critical acclaim (Variety/Rotten Tomatoes) and 12 festival awards, including the Best Debut Feature award from the "The Female Eye," the Toronto based International film festival dedicated to films directed by women. 

This film marks Karen Black's last starring role and is now available for streaming and purchase on Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus and Apple TV.

An amazing filmmaker. Truly remarkable.
— Henry Jaglom, Writer/Director
This courageous film is about nuance and introspection - a deliberate, careful and ultimately loving look at the dynamics among three women.
— Sylvie Drake, Chief Film Critic Emeritus, LA Times
I really loved the movie. Not a single car chase, not a fire ball, not a shooting, merely closely connected human beings scratching and chaffing and struggling with that thing called life. I’m reminded that it’s the simplest stories that pack the most power.
— Richard Walter, Professor/Chair, Department of Screenwriting, UCLA