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Angela Garcia Combs

Angela Garcia Combs is an award-winning writer/director concentrating on the female perspective while maintaining a light touch, a sharp wit and an accessible style. Her work in Film, Theater, Literary Fiction and published Essays have been highly regarded for their unique point of view and skillful craft.

As a single mother of three, Angela graduated from UCLA's School of Theatre, Film and Television, and has since written and directed independent films (feature and short), optioned multiple screenplays, published novellas’, short stories, essays, and is a contributing writer for the Huffington Post Entertainment Blog. Angela’s work in theater includes directing at the highly respected Odyssey and Blank Theaters in Los Angeles, writing for LA STAGE (Southern California’s performing arts magazine) and workshopping several of her own original plays.

Angela's production company, Yellow Wallpaper Productions, was founded with the mission of giving voice to intelligent, thoughtful and complicated stories reflecting and even shaping the zeitgeist with the enhancement of the female perspective.


Creature in a Box, Arts and Letter's Journal of Contemporary Culture Honoree.

"Nothing Special," Award of Excellence in Direction, The Indie Fest

"Nothing Special," Best Debut Feature, Female Eye Film Festival (Toronto).

The Henry Jaglom Award of Creative Excellence in Direction, Iowa International Film Festival.


She is one of the most talented directors I’ve ever worked with. She brings vision, leadership and is a brilliant communicator. Somehow she makes you feel like you’ve got all the time in the world but we were always ahead of schedule. What can I say, she’s a single mom.
— Karen Black