Yellow Wallpaper Productions (YWP), founded by Angela Garcia Combs, is an independent production company that envisions elegant, captivating, funny, intersectional and beautiful mainstream films that will have wide audience appeal for both men and women, to address the lack of female perspective films in the market place.

YWP recognizes a serious miscalculation of the market appetite for female envisioned drama. The lopsided approach to storytelling as it relates to funding and support is an unacceptable reality that we seek to affect. YWP is interested in seriously funny, important, soul searching stories that are aided by female voices, about men and women and illuminate greater questions about our humanity. We intend to bring to life the witty and complicated tales of women and men who struggle for identity in the modern era. We seek to examine a plethora of rich and complicated issues amidst redefined sexual freedoms and social roles, while our characters search for connection and learn to navigate ever-changing socio-economic, political and familial structures. We wish to address those concerns in drama, comedy or a combination of genres with women as the central figures in the story, giving voice to intelligent, thoughtful and complicated stories reflecting and even shaping the zeitgeist with the enhancement of the female perspective.